FTWM Future

How to take action...

So you are an artist or band interested in feeding the hungry while you nourish your fans with your tunes? Well, here’s how you do it in a few easy steps.

  1. Pat yourself on the back... it doesn’t matter if you support the poor via FTWM or you do it on your own... you have arrived. The ultimate goal of any artistic expression is to nourish the collective human soul with your truth. The truth is the poor need you. The truth is you can help and it will end up changing the world forever. By becoming a Feed Them Artist you will have no obligation or contract with us... you will simply be given the opportunity to serve those in need of a meal as you serve those in need of your songs.

  2. Call Feed Them With Music and tell us you are interested in doing something specific or that you are just open and want some ideas. We will design a path that will fit your interest and ability to participate. Here’s the number: 612-803-2779 ask for Pablo.

  3. Live events are easy. This is likely the place to start. We work with everyone from street musicians to those who sell-out arenas. Contact us before you contact the venue. We are here to help you sell the FTWM model to artists and venues.

  4. We will help you advertise your gig. Media and fans love FTWM’s simple model of every $1 of revenue delivers a meal. You will have more people come to your shows. They will pay more to see you play which will raise your value within your markets. Clubs will make more money working with you and FTWM. This is GREAT business and it is in the service of those who need you.

  5. In the future you will be about to participate in our online community of FTWM Artists. will soon be a place for you to create a profile page, upload your music, sell tickets, sell merchandise, and broadcast your shows. Every dollar you make will deliver a meal. Your page will show the world how many meals you have delivered with your music. We will deliver millions of meals together.
Our Community

Our community includes artists of all levels, venues, entertainments groups and corporations.

  • Gavin Degraw
  • Food Bank for New York City
  • Red House Records
  • Best Buy
  • The National