FTWM Future

How to take action...

Believe it or not… the truth is… your business will increase and you will make more as a venue that supports FTWM than if you don’t.

  1. You may need to be courageous. It’s not easy to think outside the box, which has been created by years of scrapping for business. Commit to one FTWM night. If it goes well (and it will) we will build upon it. Our vision is to have hundreds of FTWM clubs across America… you may be one of them?

  2. Call Feed Them With Music, we’ll design a path that will fit your interest level and ability to participate. Here’s the number: 612-803-2779 ask for Pablo.

  3. Time is a good thing. If you want local media to start singing your name on the radio waves, in the news papers, and on tv… you will need a few week or preferably months to get out the word. Media loves the FTWM model… it makes marketing easy when you work with us.

  4. Create a hyperlink that connects your FTWM events to our website. We’ve received many complements on how transparent we are from those fans who need to know how Feed Them With Music works, where the meals go, etc.  
Our Community

Our community includes artists of all levels, venues, entertainments groups and corporations.

  • Gavin Degraw
  • Food Bank for New York City
  • Red House Records
  • Best Buy
  • The National