FTWM Future

Our Philosophy

We Fund Feeding Programs with Music Money

As we feed our brothers and sisters we are taking a diversified approach. Just as a smart investor would create a varied portfolio with the help of consultants, we have done the same working with global nutrition experts like Jeff Dykstra of General Mills and African Business Development Partners. With their help Feed Them With Music is developing relationships and creating a wide variety of feeding solutions.

FTWM offers what programs often need most in order to survive…money. FTWM funds existing feeding programs to do what they do best, provide nourishment to those they serve. Programs are chosen with the help of our partners in other organizations, such as Feed the Children or The What if? Foundation. These groups have spent years creating feeding solutions by spending time and energy working closely with locals who fully understand the needs of the communities. Programs are jointly developed and established with the help of the organization and then operated by the residents in each community.

Our Community

Our community includes artists of all levels, venues, entertainments groups and corporations.

  • Gavin Degraw
  • Food Bank for New York City
  • Red House Records
  • Best Buy
  • The National