FTWM Future

Mapping Our Future...

Now that we are officially a 501c3 non-profit, we are in the process of building and launching the FTWM social network for artists and music lovers. It will allow artists to post songs for download at any price as long as each download covers the cost of one meal being delivered through to the starving. It will allow artists the chance to sell tickets to their concerts and each dollar spent on ticket sales will deliver one meal to the starving. It will allow artists to post live, web-feeds (online concerts) where each dollar of the “to view” fee will deliver a meal. Artists can choose to sell merchandise and a portion of each dollar will deliver a meal. For the first time in history...artists will be fully in charge of their business and be addressing malnutrition at the same time.

We are in the beginning stages of creating FEED FEST, a series of festival type events where millions of meals will be delivered through funds generated by ticket sales, vender participation, and corporate sponsors. The dream is becoming a focused daily practice, thousands are being fed and tomorrow millions. Imagine no more hunger…and please help the joy of music feed everyone.

Our Community

Our community includes artists of all levels, venues, entertainments groups and corporations.

  • Gavin Degraw
  • Food Bank for New York City
  • Red House Records
  • Best Buy
  • The National